Grinder Review – Wega Mini Instant 5.8

wega_grinder_web-readyWe continue to showcase our line up of high-end grinders reviewed late last year and featured in the latest issue of Crema Magazine. Whether you are starting out or planning to up-grade, this review is designed to highlight the features and functions that you should be taking into consideration. 

This unit from Wega is a ‘re-branded’ Compak K3 Touch so this grinder comes from an impressive heritage of commercial grinders.

Wega Mini Instant 5.8 
RRP: $569.00This unit from Wega is a ‘re-branded’ Compak K3 Touch so this grinder comes from an impressive heritage of commercial grinders. It is a flat burr blade, stepless/micrometrical unit without a dosing chamber – ie a’grind-on-demand’ unit. An imposing machine – standing at a little over 49cm – it was the tallest in our line-up for review (although there is a mini-hopper option, bringing the height down to just under 42cm), so it’s not for the faint-hearted in terms of kitchen space. Our reviewers were impressed with the smooth performance, speed of dispensing and particularly with what we deemed its ‘sexy’ chute, which ensured minimum of waste/mess. Its operation was smooth, fast and professional, although it did warm up more than the others in this bracket (36°C).  It showed an excellent consistency of grind and the resulting espresso shots were good with a consistent flavour profile. In summary, it’s a serious machine but with ‘kitchen-friendly’ features like a hopper-stopper, tidy dispensing chute, easy-clean exterior and an optional timer for dispensing doses for 1 or 2 cups. However, as with the Mazzer Mini, make sure you check where it is likely to sit in the kitchen to make sure it will fit underneath overhead cupboards.

VERDICT: A performance unit for the home espresso enthusiast, at a competitive price. Recommended for the serious home user who needs a grinder to handle moderate to high volume. Also low volume commercial use (ie back-up/decaf grinder)

Height: 49cm (42cm with optional mini-hopper)
Flat Burr
Stepless (Micrometrical)
Speed of operation: 30.8gm in 30 sec
Temp of grinder blades at end of test: 36°C

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