The Rocks Aroma Festival 2008

Aroma FestivalSydney turned on a perfect winter’s day for this years Aroma Festival, bringing with it people by the thousands, and thousands… and thousands! The smell of coffee, spice and all things nice filled the air as the western bank of Circular Quay through to the Overseas Passenger Terminal thronged with the sound of bands playing and people chatting over their $1.00 cups of coffee.

Roasters and baristi converged from all over Australia to showcase their coffee – and the crowds took the opportunity, as they lined up 20-30 deep at each stand, of tasting some of the best single origins and blends that Australia has to offer.

Also packing in the crowds in the Overseas Passenger Terminal, was the Domestic Espresso Machine Expo where the likes of Scotty Callaghan (2006 World Latte Art Champion) could be found in the stable of Espresso Company Australia, preparing coffees on a Giotto or Vibiemme. Or, you might have bumped into Jack Hanna (2007 World Latte Art Champion) as he was seen milling through the crowds. All the ‘usual suspects’ were present – Sunbeam, Saeco and Gaggia as well as Canberra’s Cosmorex Coffee showcasing the superb Diadema range of machines – the Junior and the more up-market Splendor. They were also making coffee for the passing parade and the perspex espresso machine, showing the internal machination, was a great attraction.

All in all, it was a great day. And if you did happen to get just a little bit tired of coffee, you could always sample the chocolates, tea or spices that were on display.

Definitely a date to put in the diary.

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One Response to “The Rocks Aroma Festival 2008”

  1. Fresh Coffee Says:

    A Traders Perspective.

    We left our showroom at lunchtime on Saturday after cleaning it out of some really nice pieces of kit to take to Aroma with us, and drove to Sydney. Got to the Terminal Building at Circular Quay sometime between 3.30 and 4 pm. There was some heavy traffic in the city and it doesnt help when you dont go there often and dont know it very well.

    The first & only hiccup of the arvo was when the security people wouldnt let us on site to unload because we didnt have vehicle passes. Someone went to find the Aroma Fest organiser, lucky she wasnt too far away (many thanks Astrid). She gave us the passes and on we went.

    We spent the next couple of hours or more unloading and setting up, the Terminal room organiser and the electricians getting power to our stand were extremely helpful.

    We left sometime between 6.30 and 7 pm, satisfied the stand was going to work well for us on the day.

    We came back at 8.30 on Sunday morning and finished setting up. Other stand holders came around to say g’day and acquaintanceships were renewed (most coffee equipment stall holders know eachother and get along well enough).

    You lot hehe (the punters) weren’t supposed to be let in until 10 am but you started wandering in atleast half an hour early!

    I had told the helpers on the stand to eat a BIG breakfast because they wouldnt get much chance to eat again until dinner.

    They poo-pooed me hehe……and so it came to pass that they didnt eat again until dinner, for the day was very busy with virtually no let up in the crowds until closing time. Except for a muffin, there was nothing but coffee to keep us going.

    Most punters were genuinely interested in the equipment and kept us busy demonstrating and answeriung their questions.

    I lost my voice!

    At one point I looked up and saw the dreaded Crema Forum Admin standing back ducking & weaving the crowd and trying to take photos of our stand. There was only just enough time to shake his hand and continue with the demonstrations….

    The day was long but extremely enjoyable. We dont just work with coffee machines and coffee, we love the coffee machines and coffee so working with and demonstrating them and dealing with the people they attract at shows like this is also a great deal of fun.

    Sales were made off the stand (it lightened the load to take home) and deposits taken for delivery in the next few weeks. We have firm appointments for people to come into our showroom tomorrow for further discussions, which just goes to show that Aroma Festival attracts people from all over the state.

    The security guys were really helpful and gave us the nod to bring our vans back in first to pack up because of the long drive home. We were gone by 10 past 6, home about 10.30.

    We were all a bit subdued and a bit stiff on Monday!

    The verdict……what great day! Do it again….yeah.

    Thanks to all that made Aroma a big success and to those who stopped by our stand.


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