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Friday, March 7th, 2014

Admiral Cheng Ho

Admiral Cheng Ho, Abbotsfordby Tess Presso

Marwin has done it again. This is a stunning café, with some of the most amazing coffee available on the market. Admiral has 6 grinders filled with various single origin beans- most of which were geisha, cup of excellence, or ninety plus beans when I visited.

My Nekisse was spot on. When an espresso arrives with an aroma good enough to bottle and a smooth rich flavour, its very hard to avoid ordering a second. The consistency in quality is evident once the second cup is downed within minutes.

This cafe has a very familiar atmosphere – from the large clock adorning the main wall, to the artwork depicting Admiral Cheng Ho himself. The striking feature was the gorgeous copper piping feature along the brew bar, which allowed for the rustic feel we have all come to love at Monk’s headquarters.

The menu is as organic and nourishing as Monk Bodhi Dharma. Expect vegan options, with the added delectability. Staff at Admiral are like a family. I was greeted with smiles, and the team create a warm welcoming environment.
The only fault I can find is that it is not close enough to my house. Then again, Admiral Cheng Ho is worth travelling for.

Admiral_Cheng_Ho, AbbotsfordAnyone interested in quality coffee and food should definitely put this on their list. It won’t be long before the crowds are lining Johnston Street to get a seat in this new coffee mecca.


Admiral Cheng Ho.
325 Johnston St
Abbotsford, VIC 3067



Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Cornerstone Cafe

Cornerstone Cafe HamptonA mere stone’s throw from the vibrant busy main shopping strip of Hampton, Cornerstone & Co. Cafe is conveniently situation in Bayside Melbourne. Far enough from the hustle and bustle of Hampton Street, yet near enough to ensure ease of access and parking. Set in a quiet suburban location, Cornerstone & Co. café brings together luscious gastronomy, quality coffee, and skilful service.

This fresh and lively café was named after a Kings of Leon song that brought owner Michelle and her partner together. This sentimental value follows through the café, with a unique menu based on a well traversed head chef, Shoichi Ueda , from Japan who travelled through Italy perfecting the art of Italian cuisine. Design wise, cornerstone is clean, and energetic, with timber hexagon wall features behind the counter, bright spring toned wire bar stools, an outstanding yellow wired chandelier, and a fresh courtyard dotted with greenery.

Expect to be spoilt by choices for distinctive meals that bring together a fusion between traditional Italian style cooking, and Japanese cuisine. Not just your average café- this place shines in many ways. From traditionally made pasta dishes, to Karaage Burgers with marinated fried Japanese style chicken; your taste buds are sure to be pleased. The stand out dish that showcases the true talent of head chef Shoichi Ueda,  is the Japanese Brunch Set, which offers wasabi seared salmon, miso soup, creamy mustard mayo filled eggs, marinated veggies, 5 grain rice , and a to die for avocado nori jam!  For those who are after the usual favourites, rest assured- home-made muesli, toasties, and other beloved options are available. The eggs benedict is worth visiting for- topped with an Italian twist- Mortadella. Truly memorable!

Cornerstone_120839Coffee is smoothly extracted on a custom powder coat white La Marzocco Linea, and sourced from Melbourne’s award winning boutique roaster- The Maling Room.  Single Origins rotate weekly, and I was spoilt by the Ethiopian Aricha. As an espresso, it was sweet with floral notes, a creamy body, and a candied lemon fragrance.  Tea is sourced from Larsen and Thompson, and Mork chocolate is also available for those with a yearning to indulge in specialty hot chocolate.

Cornerstone and Co. adds a special touch to Melbourne’s bayside area.

75 Ludstone St


Review: Tess Presso