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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Best Cafes of Sydney 2011

WorkshopRGB_webMake no mistake, Australia is at the peak of espresso coffee on the world stage with a number of barista champions, past and present hailing from our shores and many of our top cafes cresting the ‘third’ and even ‘fourth’ waves in world espresso.

Sydney is no exception to this and boasts a number of truly world-class cafes. Many of our reviewers have travelled, or even lived in Europe and their reviews attest to the increasing dominance of antipodean coffee on the world scene; let no-one doubt – these cafes are at the peak of their game and are of a world class standard.

So it is with pleasure that we bring you Crema Magazine’s Best Cafes of Sydney for 2011…


Saturday, June 14th, 2008

The Right Stuff


We asked Scott Callaghan what it took to prepare for the World Barista Championships in Tokyo, 2007

Hit the stop watch – fifteen minutes to prove your worth in the espresso world against 40 of the world’s top baristas – seven international judges, camera crew and thousands of people watching your every move. (more…)