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Monday, June 1st, 2015

Brewtown Newtown

Brewtown Newtown exteriorWe arrive at Newtown Brewtown on a cool but sunny autumn morning; the traffic on Newtown’s King St hasn’t yet reached Saturday gridlock and it’s great to be back in old haunts. It’s a slightly unpreposessing exterior, housed in an old bookshop – that serves to hide the buzz inside.

Of course, there’s a queue, but it is manageable, and besides, what self-respecting brunch place doesn’t have a queue on a Saturday morning?Brewtown sign

We were sat at the bar by the shiny machine with the customised fascia [see pic] and presented with a slightly bewildering array of brunch options from a Mini-egg benedict brioche roll [$8.50] to Salmon gravlax, taramasalata, beetroot, radish, pached egg, caviar and herb salad [$16]. We were also offered a nice touch – to be poured a glass of sparkling water, while we pondered the tantalising choices.

Brewtown fascia

Brewtown coffeeChoices made: we awaited our coffees: slightly acidic, these were of the ‘new breed’ of roast – lighter and exhibiting greater fruitiness, but giving away a little in mellowness



The Poached egg on toast with a side of canadian bacon, was perfectly cooked and the house relish was so nice we asked for more. The Dhalicious – baked polenta with spiced lentils & spinach tomatoes, poached egg & yoghurt dressing was delicious, if not as spicy as the name implied. The polenta was subtly flavoured inside with a beautifully baked outer, the perfect accompaniment to the individual flavours of the dish.


The buzzy atmosphere belied the underlying order – in spite of the busy crowd, the wait staff were professional and attentive, always seeming to be on top of our orders, and the food was excellent. Brewtown Newtown is a new era of Newtown Café, industrial chic and professionalism, definitely a step ahead of the ‘grunge’ norm for the area.


Brewtown Newtown: 6-8 O’Connell St, Newtown 2042.


Reviewer: Ashley Felderhof