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Auction Rooms

There is no mistaking the considerable effort which has gone into constructing this multi-faceted space. High ceilings and exposed beams add to the sense of spaciousness here, as does the quirky use of pvc plastic tubing to provide cathedral-like lighting, which is kind of appropriate really, when you consider that this is a place where cafe aficionados come to worship. All good things coffee related are on display here, from the formidable looking original 1960's Bolognese roaster, which adorns the side wall, to the stunning white La Marzocco FB/70 espresso machine, which takes pride of place on the centrally located bar. This place is a modern Mecca to coffee, with great food and friendly and efficient service, and is just the place to whittle away the hours with friends and family, while the weather makes up its mind what it is doing outside.

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