Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Amsterdam Cafe Crawl

When one thinks of coffee shops in Amsterdam, one’s mind doesn’t always turn to coffee, and then there’s the window shopping … however the closest we got to curb crawling on our trip to Amsterdam in a freezing Spring, was shopping for shoes in the Kalverstraat and strolling along the lovely canals that circumnavigate the central city.

Screaming Beans Amsterdam


Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Blog:: Cafes of Paris


Parisian Cafe Crawl :: during a couple of weeks in early April, Crema did a ‘café crawl’ around Paris, the full story to be published in our upcoming [southern hemisphere] Autumn 2013 issue. Here, we take the opportunity to publish a few of our initial thoughts from our trip here. Whilst not strictly chronological, this blog more-or-less follows our path across the streets of Paris, from the trendy Left Bank, right up to the ethnic’ and slightly grungy 18th Arrondissement, which is the home to the famous Sacre Coeur.

There are essentially two types of café mentioned here – firstly we cover a couple of the most famous ‘traditional’ –type café, of which there are obviously hundreds in and around the centre of Paris. Typically these cafes are of the round sit-down-table type, where emphasis is as much on the food, wine and ambience, as the coffee. Consequently the quality of the actual coffee served was usually poor. It was almost as if the coffee is incidental to all the other things at these cafes, where [in the case of the most famous ones, at least] the point is as much about ‘seeing and being seen’ as it is about the quality of the coffee. (more…)

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Cafe Cities of the World – Prague

by Paul Golding

The cafes of Prague represent a completely different concept to the Australian café ideal.  Before you can begin the experience, you must embrace the notion that coffee is not the central tenet or reason for visiting… Prague’s cafes are places to meet, to talk, to discuss business, to linger. In the older establishments you’ll find huge beautifully decorated rooms, waiters in formal attire, wine, beer, excellent food and good coffee, with the understanding that you could spend several hours at your table enjoying these things while you write, read or chat.  Coffee in Prague is very good compared to much of Europe, but it is extremely rare to find the boutique specialty cafes now so common in Australia.  (more…)