Barista & Roaster Profiles

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Barista Jason Chan, from Melbourne’s Batch Cafe

Jason ChanJason arrived in Australia from New Zealand in late 2003, armed with a degree in Physiology and Human Nutrition and a passion for making great coffee.

He had worked most of his University years for a local Dunedin coffee roaster, but it was Wellington’s boutique roaster, Coffee Supreme, that had sparked his interest in all things to do with coffee. He had heard that coffee was big in Melbourne, and for an up-and-coming NZ barista, it seemed a good place to come and try his hand.

When he arrived, Jason worked for a year at Ray’s in Brunswick and it was there that he began to carve out his reputation. Meanwhile, he was researching the market, with the intention of possibly starting up his own shop. In mid-2004, he found a likely location, and in July set up Batch, in Balaclava’s bustling Carlisle Street. (more…)

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

The Right Stuff


We asked Scott Callaghan what it took to prepare for the World Barista Championships in Tokyo, 2007

Hit the stop watch – fifteen minutes to prove your worth in the espresso world against 40 of the world’s top baristas – seven international judges, camera crew and thousands of people watching your every move. (more…)

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Roaster – Scott Jones

Coffee has always been a foil for people from all walks of life and Scott Jones, former accountant now master roaster and director of Australian Independent Roasters (AIR), is testament to that.

So what is it that attracts an accountant away from a successful practice to the production floor of a roastery  – for Scott, the answer came easily – “It’s the ability to see something from start to finish, to be a part of creating something and to see people enjoying what you have created – I like that a lot”. (more…)