About Us

Crema Magazine was created in response to the exponential growth in interest in the café lifestyle. From its first issue in 2002, Crema Magazine has become the pre-eminent magazine catering to the coffee lifestyle community of Australia.

With Crema Magazine being Australia’s pre-eminent coffee lifestyle magazine and Australia being a leader in the progression of specialty coffee, it seemed only natural that we bring you the first dedicated online coffee/cafe magazine (as far as we know this is the first of it’s kind in the world). Full of feature articles, personality profiles, news and reviews from the Australian coffee/café scene and lots, lots more.

Like fine wine, coffee has become, and is continuing to develop as, a truly ‘connoisseurable’ passion with devotees and ‘prosumers’ coming from all walks of life. 

This site is geared to be highly interactive, so, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, Crema magazine online aims to provide an informative, open and friendly environment to explore and experience the world of coffee.

We value your feedback and welcome your contributions.